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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality involve the blending of virtual objects into the real world. With the addition of labels, captions, and other helpful overlays to a user’s view of their environment, users continue to be in touch with the real world while interacting with virtual objects around them. AR can be used for both training and operations.

Whether it involves the use of mobile devices or AR glasses like the HoloLens, we offer the full spectrum of software and content development. Every aspect of the production can be done in-house, including the AR app, graphics and animation, video and content.

AR Exhibit Guide

Experience a self-directed exhibit tour with a holographic guide through the AR Exhibit Guide. Using Augmented Reality, the holographic character will look and speak to the visitor as though they have been scripted right into the programme. Coupled with other virtual elements blended into the real world, the visitor is immersed in the narrative and becomes an active participant creating his own experience.

  • Embark on dynamic adventures as contents come to life
  • Innovative way to attract visitor’s attention
  • Stimulates mental and motor activities through interactions with the content
  • Navigating & Wayfinding
    • Show virtual paths and directional arrows to facilitate indoor, outdoor pedestrian and auto navigation
  • Museums, Exhibits, Attraction
    • Get visitors entertained, pay attention throughout the experience, and be fully immersed in the message
  • Training & Education
    • Allow for self-directed learning, increased engagement and knowledge retention


Elias Park eLearning Trail

Set in the context of Singapore’s historical role as a trading hub, Elias Marketplace is a heritage gallery featuring 8 of the 20 dioramas previously on display at the Singapore History Museum.

Using augmented reality, we have developed an e-Learning Trail to immerse students in interactive games as they explore various installations in heritage gallery. A 3D mascot will guide students through the gallery with questions and answers, to develop their understanding of Singapore’s heritage and identity.

  • eLearning Trail concept encourages exploratory learning
  • Exhibits embedded with AR animation and information overlays
  • Customisable for English Maths or Science content


Interactive AR Procedural Trainer

Leveraging the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, the IAPT offers a mobile and engaging learning platform that allows trainees to learn anytime and anywhere, at their own pace. Through customised virtual content, it also caters for bespoke equipment or special conditions, to be viewed on-demand by trainees in different 3D perspectives for thorough familiarisation.

  • Self-directed or Instructor-led training of operation or maintenance crew
  • Standard procedure execution and emergency handling
  • Training scenarios customised to procedures and actual equipment
  • 3D perspective views of virtual demonstrations “Anytime and Anywhere”
  • Individual proficiency and crew coordination training
  • Interactive AR
  • Networked for coordinated training
  • Customisable to any training applications & scenarios

Vehicle Inspection Game

Through the use of mixed reality, the Vehicle Inspection game trains officers to explore various hotspots in different vehicles to prevent smuggling of contraband and illegal items. Trainees can physically move around the virtual scenario and interact with virtual objects through gestures and voice commands.

Different vehicles can be used to help officers familiarise themselves quickly with various models without presence of the physical asset.

  • AR Game-based system for procedural training
  • High-fidelity 3D models of equipment and vehicles
  • Training analytics that tracks and assess performance of trainees



AR Trainer

The AR Trainer offer soldiers the opportunity to engage in realistic weapons training while being in the field, bridging the gap between simulation training and actual operations. Live and virtual entities are integrated through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. These AR and VR targets are presented via mobile devices that enable collaborative training experiences to address limitations in real-life training. Soldiers hone their judgement and accuracy with weapon look-alikes that replicates the touch and feel of actual weapon systems. Training with ART eliminates the need to activate opposing forces, live weaponry and ammunition, significantly reducing the logistics, resources and risks typically associated with closed-loop training.

  • Customisable and realistic training scenarios
  • Library of modelled virtual entities
  • Mission Analytics and Review System (MARS) for Mission Analytics and Report Generation to support After Action Review (AAR)
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