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Our solutions include Augmented Reality (AR) e-trails, e-books, game-based learning and location-based entertainment. Our expertise includes the design, development and implementation of the content and infrastructure, as well as providing upgrade and support services.

Elias Park eLearning Trail

Set in the context of Singapore’s historical role as a trading hub, Elias Marketplace is a heritage gallery featuring 8 of the 20 dioramas previously on display at the Singapore History Museum.

Using augmented reality, we have developed an e-Learning Trail to immerse students in interactive games as they explore various installations in heritage gallery. A 3D mascot will guide students through the gallery with questions and answers, to develop their understanding of Singapore’s heritage and identity.

  • eLearning Trail concept encourages exploratory learning
  • Exhibits embedded with AR animation and information overlays
  • Customisable for English Maths or Science content


Fighters Horizon

In this fast-paced action game, players take on the role of a F16 pilot, taking down enemies and earning mission ranks as they progress in the game. Developed in conjunction with the F-16 Mission Trainer exhibit at Singapore Airshow 2014, visitors to the show learnt about the Head-Up Display for the F-16 cockpit while playing Fighters Horizon, before boarding the simulator for their flight experience.

  • Mission rank based game-play
  • Intuitive flight controls
  • HUD Familiarisation module for players to learn about the Head-Up-Display symbology

Flight Crafter

Flight Crafter is a virtual reality (VR) edutainment game that stimulates interest in aviation and science. In this two-part experience game, players first design their own aircraft, then put on a virtual reality headset and experience their own design through an immersive visualisation of their flight.

This was showcased in Singapore Airshow 2016 and was rated by The Straits Times as one of the top 10 things to do at the Airshow. It was massively popular with the crowds.

  • Offers up to 600 unique configurations
  • Greater knowledge retention through experimentation and experience
  • Fully immersive virtual environment through high-fidelity 3D graphics

IRiS Frontline Virtual Crime Scene Investigation

Virtual Crime Scene Investigation (VCSI) is a time-based virtual reality game. Immersed in a 3D virtual environment of a crime scene, the player will roleplay as a crime scene investigating officer to explore and search for potential evidence. During the investigation, the player has to place virtual markers to indicate where the potential evidences are. At the end of the game, all evidences will be revealed allowing the player to identify which evidence had been missed out.

  • Learn and practice crime scene investigation through experiential learning
  • Time-based gamified environment makes learning fun and engaging
  • Immersive virtual environment allows for adaptability and creation of limitless scenarios

TeLEOS-X Space Mission

Ever wondered how it feels like to go on a space-walk, drift into a void of space and look at Earth from afar? TeLEOS-X Space Mission promises visitors just that.

The VR game is capable of simulating an astronaut’s spacewalk in a Manned Manoeuvring Unit (MMU). In this two-player mission-based game, one player is caught in a perilous situation with limited oxygen supply. To survive, locate their partner so that one player can hook on the spare oxygen tank for the other.

While exploring the space environment, players intuitively experience the laws of opposing forces in physics.

A rotation made with the controls without a counter-force applied would essentially send the player into a constant tailspin!

  • Experience a spacewalk in a mission-based gameplay
  • Immersive VR game, designed with reference to the physics of weightlessness
  • Two-player networked cooperative environment, enabling players to communicate and interact with each other
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