Aircraft Marshalling  Simulation Trainer

Virtual Reality

VR is an effective tool for simulation training as it enables users to familiarise themselves with the controls and operational procedures of any complex system that they have to manoeuvre. Similarly, the immersive experience offered by VR environments makes it a captivating medium to bring across educational concepts to the user.

Aircraft Marshalling Simulation Trainer

The Aircraft Marshalling Simulation Trainer (AMS) is a Virtual Reality (VR) training system that supplements aircraft marshalling courses to provide effective hands-on learning. With the trainer installed in classrooms or training labs, students training to be airport ground operations professionals get to learn using the hand signals based on the ICAO standards. The AMS provides for a variety of usual and unusual scenarios at a virtual airport ramp. It simulates different aircraft types, day and night operations as well as adverse weather conditions.
Through VR technology, the trainer’s characteristics address the requirements of competence skill-level training in:

  • Having audio and visual effects combine to present the trainee with real simulated environment and situation.
  • Presenting spatial realism for the necessary training of judgement, that is critical for the task.
  • Assessing the performance of the trainee by their actions over the entire period of training.

Instructors can look forward to greater training effectiveness, downloading On-the-Job Training (OJT) hours from the actual airport ramp, shortening training lead-time and overall lower training costs for ground operations professionals.

Collaborative VR Procedural Trainer

CVPT trains technicians while avoiding downtime of actual equipment, and/or to address scenarios just too dangerous to be simulated in live training. Harnessing the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, the CVPT offers next-generation immersive training capabilities.

  • Instructor-led Training of Operation or Maintenance Crew
  • Standard Procedure Execution and Emergency Handling
  • Training Scenarios customised to procedures and actual environment
  • “Learn by Watching” of virtual demonstrations
  • “Learn by Doing” with actual hand motion and body postures
  • Individual Proficiency and Crew Coordination Training
  • Immersive VR
  • Collaborative Training with both trainees and Non-Playing Characters
  • Customisable to any training applications & scenarios


Flight Crafter

Flight Crafter is a virtual reality (VR) edutainment game that stimulates interest in aviation and science. In this two-part experience game, players first design their own aircraft, then put on a virtual reality headset and experience their own design through an immersive visualisation of their flight.

This was showcased in Singapore Airshow 2016 and was rated by The Straits Times as one of the top 10 things to do at the Airshow. It was massively popular with the crowds.

  • Offers up to 600 unique configurations
  • Greater knowledge retention through experimentation and experience
  • Fully immersive virtual environment through high-fidelity 3D graphics

IRiS Frontline Virtual Crime Scene Investigation

Virtual Crime Scene Investigation (VCSI) is a time-based virtual reality game. Immersed in a 3D virtual environment of a crime scene, the player will roleplay as a crime scene investigating officer to explore and search for potential evidence. During the investigation, the player has to place virtual markers to indicate where the potential evidences are. At the end of the game, all evidences will be revealed allowing the player to identify which evidence had been missed out.

  • Learn and practice crime scene investigation through experiential learning
  • Time-based gamified environment makes learning fun and engaging
  • Immersive virtual environment allows for adaptability and creation of limitless scenarios

IRiS Frontline VR Response Trainer

Developed for public safety and security officers, IRiS Frontline’s VR Response Trainer sharpens situational awareness and use-of-force judgement skills when handling incidents and threats. Harnessing the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, the system delivers realistic scenario-based training with dynamically designed situations that pan out differently depending on the officers’ responses. An After-Action-Review system then tracks and assesses their response to evolving situations.

  • Realistic VR Training with simulated scenarios and weapons
  • Localised and dynamic training scenarios that recreates on-the-ground situations
  • AAR system that tracks performance

TeLEOS-X Space Mission

Ever wondered how it feels like to go on a space-walk, drift into a void of space and look at Earth from afar? TeLEOS-X Space Mission promises visitors just that.

The VR game is capable of simulating an astronaut’s spacewalk in a Manned Manoeuvring Unit (MMU). In this two-player mission-based game, one player is caught in a perilous situation with limited oxygen supply. To survive, locate their partner so that one player can hook on the spare oxygen tank for the other.

While exploring the space environment, players intuitively experience the laws of opposing forces in physics.

A rotation made with the controls without a counter-force applied would essentially send the player into a constant tailspin!

  • Experience a spacewalk in a mission-based gameplay
  • Immersive VR game, designed with reference to the physics of weightlessness
  • Two-player networked cooperative environment, enabling players to communicate and interact with each other

Virtual Aerodrome Laboratory

The Virtual Aerodrome Laboratory (VAL) is a one-stop comprehensive airport management training facility. Whether it is flight operations management, airport security or crisis management, the VAL is easily customised to meet the needs of aviation professionals.

With VAL, trainees experience the different aspects of aviation management first hand through realistic and interesting realtime role play that takes place in a “live” aviation environment.

Trainees can look forward to an immersive learning environment that includes realistic scenarios and terrains.

  • Scenario based learning
  • Voice protocol learning
  • Customisable terrains, entity models, and weather conditions

Virtual Boat Simulator

The Virtual Boat Simulator offers crew members a safe, controlled and immersive environment for training. Leveraging Virtual Reality technology, the simulator replicates real-world scenarios and operational conditions that maritime personnel may encounter. Configured as a high-speed craft, the crew will be able to enhance their boat handling skills while performing high-speed tactical manoeuvring and interception.

  • Immersive VR with motion system to simulate boat movements
  • Customisable ship models
  • Flexible Hardware Configuration
  • Networked Capability for team-based training
  • High-speed craft manoeuvring
  • Rule-of-Road (ROR) training
  • Ship formation training
  • Weapon handling
  • Area of operations familiarisation

VR Power Substation Trainer

VR Power Substation Trainer is an immersive virtual reality learning tool to help engineering personnel familiarize with the power switching procedure. For example, trainees will be able to accurately shutdown feeder for cable sheath repair or maintenance work, shutdown feeder for High Voltage test on power cable, and turn on feeder after maintenance work correctly.

There are three training modes for operators to choose from: trainer-led, semi-guided and self-exploratory mode.

These provide training operators the flexibility to use the virtual reality learning tool as a training aid for trainers or to allow trainees to practice on their own without the presence of a trainer.

  • Detailed 3D visualisation of equipment and systems for step-by-step learning
  • 3 training models for trainer-led, semi-guided and independent learning
  • Training analytics that tracks and monitor progress of trainees
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