Floral Fantasy

Gardens by the Bay was seeking a fresh attraction concept that would extend their offerings at the new Bayfront Plaza area and provide novel visitor experiences.

Launched in April 2019, Floral Fantasy is Gardens by the Bay’s latest thematic attraction, where flowers, artistry and technology come together to create a fantastical experience for visitors. There are four diverse garden landscapes – Dance, Float, Waltz and Drift, each showcasing a different artistic concept.

The project started in December 2017 and took the team one year to translate the design from concept to reality.

In Dance, the Kinetic Floral Display presents a rhythmic dance by pendulous floral balls, accompanied with the strains of lilting music. It was programmed to create eight different dance patterns.

Waltz evokes a feeling of exploring rainforest waterfalls. The eight Rain Curtains are lit up in a multitude of colour, accented by visuals that appear via the streams of water. The nozzles of these rain curtains control and time spurts of water that magically display text, logos or patterns through the sheet of water.

The highlight of the showcase is the 4D simulation ride, Flight of the Dragonfly. This inaugural and immersive ride triggers the visitors’ senses of sight, sound, smell and touch as they are taken on a simulated journey. The show brings the audience through a series of thrilling dips and turns as they experience the gardens as never before – sculptures come to life, while flora and fauna abound. Conceptualised and produced in Singapore by ST Engineering, the show is testament to our capabilities to deliver novel experiences to visitors.

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