Harnessing Technology for Frontline Training

In the wake of terrorist incidents worldwide, our police officers continue to operate in increasingly challenging environments. Realistic training is necessary to help police officers hone their judgmental skills and reflexes, so that they will be prepared and equipped to react quickly when the need arises.

Hosted on a convertible truck, the Mobile Classroom (MobiC) is a game-changing training concept rigged with the latest simulation technologies. With the push of a button, the truck is transformed into a mobile training facility deployable by a single operator within ten minutes. This innovative training solution was developed by ST Engineering Electronics, together with the Office of the Chief Science and Technology Officer, the Home Team Academy and the Singapore Police Force, as a proof-of-concept project.

ST Engineering Electronics designed and developed the core training system, comprising a Virtual Reality (VR) scenario-based training set-up and a portable 360-degree VR Clandestine Laboratory, where officers learn to identify tell-tale signs of explosives being made in makeshift laboratories. The system uses computer-generated imagery and videography techniques, featured through VR headsets and a video wall to simulate a real-life environment.

As an end-to-end solution provider, ST Engineering Electronics supplied all the required content assets, software and hardware, as well as managed the entire project including integration, installation and setup. The overall objective was to create a tailor-made training solution that was mobile and could be managed easily by users of the Home Team.

Versatile Mobile Platform
Flexible Training Configurations
Repeatable and Realistic Training Scenarios
Scalable Training
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