Operation Lightning Crush An Immersive Battlefield Experience

Conceptualised and produced by ST Engineering, the movie “Operation Lightning Crush” immerses visitors in a high-stakes battle. Taking on the perspectives of the different forces, visitors will feel the adrenaline with the thrilling twists, turns and explosive effects.

The military-themed 4D ride showing Operation Lightning Crush was officially launched on 7 September 2019 during S’pore Discovery Centre (SDC)’s signature event “Our Army Days”. Combining 3D stereoscopic graphics with visual FX, the 4D ride features an unparalleled multi-sensory experience to visitors.

Operation Lightning Crush Movie Poster

Mr. Barry Wong, Vice President of Training & Simulation Systems, Electronics, ST Engineering said, “Combining state-of-the-art technologies with creativity, the Learning Systems Division (LSD) team was able to conceptualise and produce Operation Lightning Crush within a short timeframe of 3.5 months. The movie showcases the capabilities of our defence forces, being quick as lightning as they crush their enemies.”

Professor Lui Pao Chuen, former Chief Defence Scientist of Singapore, was one of the first audience of the ride. He said, “It will give you a good experience of the armed forces in 5 minutes.” Many audience also commented that the ride was enjoyable and so realistic that one of them even “caught a missile”.


Commissioned by SDC to produce a Singapore Defence Related 3D Animation Film Project, the LSD team worked closely to develop the concept behind Operation Lightning Crush. To ensure accuracy and realism of the assets in the movie, they leveraged on their domain knowledge in defence and also performed in-depth research to fill up any gaps in drafting a detailed storyline and storyboard. After the sketched storyboard was shared with SDC and improvements were made, the team was ready to produce the movie.

Operation Lightning Crush Storyboard 1 Operation Lightning Crush Storyboard 2 Operation Lightning Crush Storyboard 3


The LSD team adopted a new technique in rendering, compositing, lighting and landscaping that helped to speed up the production time by at least 40%. Delivered within 3.5 months, the first 2 months was spent to produce and deliver the first cut of the video. At this point of time, the video was already about 85% done.

Creative Director, Mr. Lucas Tng shared that they took another 1.5 months to fine-tune both the visuals and audio because on top of the stunning visual effects, audio is another important aspect of storytelling in the show. “Radio chatters in Operation Lightning Crush are localised with the use of Asian voices to further immerse the audience while demonstrating co-operation between the different forces,” he added.

“I am thankful for the team’s constant determination that made Operation Lightning Crush possible. We are proud to be presented with the opportunity to work with the S’pore Discovery Centre on this project,” concluded Mr. Barry Wong.

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