SMART Procedural Training

Virtual Training with "Digital Twins"

The core of the content across all platforms are specific “digital twins” of appliances that allow procedures to be observed or practised virtually. Apart from avoiding resource constraints and risk of damage to operational appliances, trainees also get to visualise scenarios of malfunctions and even emergencies, along with the associated remedial procedures.

SMART Procedural Training

Gamified Computer-Based Trainer (GCBT)

SMART Procedural Training

Problem: Computer-Based Training (CBT) or courseware has been a cost-effective way to deliver ab-initio training courses simultaneously to many trainees – by allowing them to access training material in their own time, and learn at their own pace.

In learning operations or maintenance procedures, CBT is useful for building core knowledge before the trainees proceed to hands-on practice etc. involving instructor supervision. However, it can also become an ineffective chore when trainees become bored with tedious interactions and bland visuals.

Our Solution: ST Engineering’s platform of GCBT offers a novel form of procedural training adapted from video games – with concepts of exploration, collection and competition. Trainees are presented the scenarios with a narrative of progressive objectives, while being treated with thematic 2D artwork and 3D visual models in a game environment, for a training experience that will leave a vivid and lasting impression.

  • Procedural learning in a point-and-click process
  • Walk-through procedures, watch-and-learn from animated scenes
  • Step-by-step guidance by virtual instructor in tutorial mode
  • Narrative-driven courseware with graphical layout
  • Self-directed learning with motivational game elements

Interactive AR Procedural Trainer (IAPT)

SMART Procedural Training

Problem: Maintenance training has traditionally involved live demonstrations of procedures by experienced personnel at actual equipment, to let trainees observe the actions effectively from different angles and build up their procedural knowledge.

However, this is constrained by availability of the experienced personnel and demonstration equipment, as well as attendance by trainees at specific venues.

Our Solution: Leveraging the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, the IAPT offers a mobile and engaging learning platform that allows trainees to learn – anytime and anywhere. As a software application on handheld devices, the IAPT allows simultaneous use by many trainees within or outside the typical classroom. Trainees interact with virtual equipment and view demonstrations by animated human characters, all visually rendered on real-world surfaces by tracking of reference images, for a memorable experiential learning experience.

  • 3D perspective views of equipment by physically handling the device
  • Pop-up checklists and multimedia presentations
  • Networked operating mode: Taking assigned roles in multiplayer participation
  • Virtual demonstrations of positions and actions by animated human character

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Collaborative VR Procedural Trainer (CVPT)

SMART Procedural Training

Problem: Traditional maintenance training typically requires system downtime, availability of spares or dummy equipment for hands-on practice. Trainees are also exposed to risks of injury when handling heavy machinery, especially when they have no prior experience.

Our Solution: Harnessing the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, the CVPT offers next-generation immersive training capabilities – allowing trainees to practise and assess their procedure knowledge, without the hassle of system downtime or provisioning of spares. The customisable VR environments of the training scenarios – replicating the relevant tools, equipment and surroundings in 3D visual models – also enables trainees to experience scenarios that are not feasible with dummy equipment, or just too dangerous to be simulated in live training.

  • Collaborative VR Lab
  • Individual proficiency or crew coordination training
  • Instructor-led briefing and practice in room-based VR
  • Realistically-replicated environments and simulated scenarios

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Assistive Live Display Tools (ALDT)

SMART Procedural Training

Problem: Whether as trainees in On-Job-Training (OJT), or experienced personnel in job assignments, maintenance workers need access to information on procedures to supplement their memory, even if just to check their knowledge e.g. to ensure safety precautions are complete.

However, many types of maintenance work require the use of both hands and constant visual attention on equipment, making it difficult if not dangerous to handle hardcopy manuals or handheld display devices.

Our Solution: Combining Augmented Reality (AR) technologies with a head-mounted device for hands-free usage, the ALDT offers a safe and convenient solution for maintenance workers to check their knowledge and obtain step-by-step guidance – anytime and anywhere. With durable hardware compatible with safety helmets and option of intrinsic safe specifications, the ALDT can be used even in the challenging work environments of Oil & Gas.

  • Integration of virtual content with real-world scenery in operating environment
  • Conduct procedures with visual aids on actual equipment
  • Assistive overlay display correlated with live view
  • Scene or marker detection for contextual information retrieval

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