The Papers Like Never Before @ Hong Kong News Expo

Set in the historic Bridges Street Market, Hong Kong’s first news museum provides an unprecedented look into the rich history of Hong Kong, utilising state-of-the-art edutainment installations from ST Engineering.

The Hong Kong News Expo opened its doors to the public on 5th December 2018, showcasing the city’s vibrant news-making history, through no-longer published newspapers, traditional media such as radio and television stations, as well as new media. Since its launch, the museum has received positive reviews, seeing over 7000 visitors to date and hosted organised tours for veteran media journalists and various universities.

The major highlights here are the interactive edutainment installations from ST Engineering that combine technology with creativity, providing a richer and immersive experience for visitors to the museum. Interactive displays include:

  • “Go LIVE”, also known as the chroma key studio. Featuring a green screen, visitors can then select a variety of scenes and enjoy role-playing as a news anchor reporting live from a particular scene.
  • “New Media Wall” – a 5-meter tall interactive wall which helps to educate visitors on identifying fake news, provides visualisation on how news gets disseminated on social media platforms, and includes quotes from famous news personalities, allowing visitors to react through emoticons.
  • “On The Front Page” – visitors are invited to be part of a news headline, where they can select from a myriad of customised layouts and add stickers before printing; a truly personalised souvenir!
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